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Rokda Book In Hindi Pdf Download EXCLUSIVE

in his first novel, apna sapna money money, maya shares the story of his uncle, who was a bootlegger. the bootlegger uncle provides an important perspective on the city of mumbai that lies at the heart of the story. in the book, maya weaves an authentic account of city life and why people behave the way they do.

Rokda book in hindi pdf download

one of the first sindhi families to settle in hong kong in the early 20th century, the harilelas braved wars, recessions, and depressions of the 1930s, coming out winners in the end. the family never used the immigrant card to succeed. they instead used their courage and patience, laced with an equal amount of determination, proving themselves over and over again, maya writes in the book.

born and raised in mumbai, jitu (as maya refers to him in the book) was considerably influenced by the memory of his mother asking his uncle for money to run their home in times of financial stress. at that early age, he decided he would never be helpless or live in fear of an unknown destiny.

the book has no sermons on how baniyas do business. what comes through is the gut for risk, high-trust culture in joint families, friends and community support, their amazing ability to adapt and their penchant for keeping a close tab on costs - stereotypes that one easily associates with baniyas. however, the episode of v.k. bansal, who overcame physical challenges and went on to set up bansal classes, is perhaps an exception to that. grab a copy of the book.

* a book that was seen as a mass-interest as well as an award winning work was anand neelakantans takkar takkar which had over 16k votes. it is based on the life and legacy of dr.p.k.kunhikrishnan, an illustrious malayali who has taught the world about modern-day kidney transplant.


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