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Official Site To Buy Alcatraz Tickets

Another perk of booking a combo tour is securing a ticket to Alcatraz. The tickets to Alcatraz sell out very quickly, and you typically need to book them months in advance. However, a tip for getting last-minute tickets to Alcatraz is by booking your tickets through an official Alcatraz partner.

official site to buy alcatraz tickets

If you are looking to book tickets to only Alcatraz Island, the best website to buy tickets is Alcatraz City Cruises. If you want to book a combo tour with a tour company, I personally like to use Viator, Get Your Guide, or Trip Advisor. I have booked directly with each of these booking sites and have had a positive experience.

Read below our suggestions for getting Alcatraz last minute tickets from other sources than the official website. You will learn what to do if Alcatraz tickets are sold out, how to book last minute tours including night tours and get useful travel tips.

As you have probably seen already on the official website, Alcatraz tickets sell out very fast, and it is almost impossible to get a ticket last minute. Usually, you need to book the tickets in advance, often 2-3 months ahead.

Alcatraztickets is technically legal, but many customers do not realize that it is not the original source of Alcatraz tickets and that there is a large markup per ticket. I accidentally bought from your site, and on top of paying an extra $10 per ticket, have to wait to see if your company can even get the tickets for me.

Plain and simple. Alcatraz Tickets is not a scam, is not an imposter, and is not a rip-off. Alcatraz Tickets has sold millions of tickets over the last 10 years. One of the sad things about websites such as this is that they let people post libel and slander and make criminal accusations anonymously, so unscrupulous competitors go around posting false information to damage a competitor.

Same with The websites are deliberately designed like the official site and even copied many of its contents. Shame on you. Dare you say that you've let the customers know before they check out, that you charge $10 more "booking fee" for each ticket on top of the tickets you directly purchase from

Plan In AdvanceTickets to Alcatraz can sell out months in advance, so if you're planning a trip to San Francisco book tickets as soon as you know when you'll be here (if you want to see the Ai Weiwei exhibit you have until April 2015, but don't wait! Many days are already sold out). The official website to purchase tickets is Alcatraz Cruises. There are other sites out there but this is the real one that works in partnership with the National Park Service, which manages the island and grounds. Adult/teen tickets (ages 12 and up) are $30 each, kids are $18.25 and seniors are $28.25. Kids under 4 are free.

Buying advance online tickets is currently almost essential for visiting the Real Alcazar in Sevilla. This royal palace complex with a magnificent Mudéjar masterpiece at its core and extensive gardens is justifiably one of the top most popular sights to see in Andalusia and all of Spain. The number of visitors inside at any given time is limited and time-slot reservation tickets are obligatory to enter the complex. A limited number of tickets may be sold again onsite but the small surcharge for online reservation tickets is absolutely worth it to guarantee admission and to avoid queuing. Online entry tickets are often available only a few weeks in advance, while guided tours are often sold further in advance and are good options to secure admission on a specific day. Combination tours with the equally popular and busy cathedral are often better value. Free admission is possible for the final hour on Mondays but also requires an advance online reservation.

NOTE: Most visitors arrive at the Real Alcazar with online time-slot reservation tickets making the queues for buying the limited number of leftover tickets onsite even slower. At times, tickets are not sold at all onsite.

The Real Alcazar is one of the most popular tourist sights to see in Spain. It receives nearly 1.8 million annual visitors. For conservation reasons, only 750 people are allowed inside the palace complex at any given time with the number reduced to only 250 per hour in 2021. Only visitors with advance reservation tickets or members of guided tours are admitted. Although tickets are again sold onsite, the sale may be suspended and only a limited number of tickets are available at the best of times.

Buying tickets onsite and in person at the Real Alcazar in Seville is again possible but few would regret using the easy online option. The surcharge for online timeslot reservation tickets is money very well spent.

Although it is at times possible to buy tickets on-site at the Real Alcazar, this is a bad option at the best of times turning worse as the number of visitors increases. Ticket lines move excruciatingly slow as the number of people allowed into the complex at any given time is limited with ticket holders receiving preference at all times. 041b061a72


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