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Power of the dollar - how are you moving the mountains?

Updated: Jul 23, 2021

2020 has taken off faster than we can imagine.

The pandemic has somewhat shed a new perspective to life. I belong to the group that enjoyed the circuit breaker season: the definition of essentials and non-essentials gave a stark clarity in what we really need in life.

I wasn’t drawing an income during the circuit breaker since I am in the fitness sector which was not allowed to operate then. That heightened my awareness of the power of every dollar.

I recall reading an article by a GrabFood delivery guy citing the number of drop-offs he had to make should he want to get a Starbucks. In the same vein, whenever I am looking at a purchase, I would start equating it to the number of hours I have to clock in in exchange for it.

Is that being too calculative in life? I see it as the power of the dollar, and the value return from each dollar.

October has marked a different grocery shopping experience for me. I have now started to look at prices of adult pampers! This came on the back of my dad’s recent surgery which impacted his mobility. I have since ventured into looking at all the additional medical items we need at home.

I never knew diapers cost about $1 on average. Should one have incontinence or an increased urine flow during the sleeping hours, you could have about 3-5 rounds of diaper change each night! So many more than little baby ones, isn’t it? And that is about one to two thousand dollars off your savings invested into the very essentials in life.

For some, this same amount of money could get you a stunning full leather handbag that gets people raving, or the dining experience onboard Singapore Airlines.

I am not advocating frugal living. I am just putting a valuation point on how each dollar can move mountains.

With less than 30 days to the year-end countdown (virtually), I have rallied some of my instructor peers to come together to move these mountains.

In support of Home Nursing Foundation, we will be running complimentary Pilates classes for anyone who has made a donation to the foundation. Hundred percent of the donations go to the foundation to provide for frail, bedbound or homebound patients with professional therapy, nursing and medical care in their homes.

Companionship and health improvement – the very core essentials of life – is what every dollar that a donor contributes is giving to these elderly lying in bed.

A $15 donation to the foundation would provide a lonely elderly with five hours of home personal care visits, assisting them with basic housekeeping, elder-sitting and exercises.

Every $100 donation would equate to two home medical sessions where a doctor visits homebound patients to remove the hassle of making multiple trips to hospital.

You can join us in making your dollar move powerfully than you can ever imagine. With no overseas holidays this year, perhaps that holiday budget could be placed in the hands that multiply the joy effect.

Read more about the campaign here.

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