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Testimonials: Testimonials
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Having abdominal surgery and a neck injury, Rachel helped me rebuild my core strength in a safe and effective manner. She also helped to rebuild my confidence when it came to exercising and made every session enjoyable and fun.

Ella Walford



Testimonials: Testimonials

Met Rachel when I was looking for a Pilates instructor to tone up during my first pregnancy. She's an excellent instructor and really dedicated to the craft. Under her guidance, I did many exercises that helped me with a quick natural delivery of my baby.

She also helped me work some essential muscles as I was facing back pain and aches during my pregnancy. I'm proud to say that after several sessions with her, I'm pain free and emerged much more muscular and toned, even while being pregnant! Pilates sessions with Rachel also helped me have a safe workout so that I was still able to maintain some fitness while pregnant. Thanks Rachel!

Stacy Chua (Photo)
First-time mommy

I went through Pilates guidance under Rachel in the early stage of my second pregnancy. Given my history of multiple pain related medical conditions, Rachel has been very reassuring when bringing me through the fundamentals of Pilates especially since this was the early stage of my pregnancy. Her attentiveness to each position helped me grasp how my muscles are intended to move and helped tremendously in avoiding injury yet building up strength!

Xin Yi
Mother of two

Rachel has a keen understanding of my post-natal body, and knows how to strengthen it despite the injuries I have. She has a keen eye for detail, and will observe carefully how I move during sessions so that I feel safe, and can work out pain free. After years of searching for a Pilates instructor who can assist me to recovery, I am so thankful I have met Rachel!

Laurelle He
Mother of one

Stretching on a Mat Outdoors


Getting stronger and fitter; getting aligned altogether

Testimonials: Testimonials

Rachel is an outstanding mixture of patience, empathy and clear instruction. As I was a beginner, she ensured that I was focused on first learning the fundamentals. In addition, she challenged me with just the right pace and rigor. I would highly recommend Rachel as a Pilates instructor!

Walt Anthony Ling

Rachel patiently guided me through the Pilates movements. She would encourage me when I carry out the Pilates movements well. She would also recommend Pilates stretching techniques that can help to ease our aches and pains. I always looked forward to attending her Pilates sessions on a 1-on-1 basis.

Teck Joo Sim

Rachel is a very observant person during classes. She would not hesitate to correct postures and alignments to ensure I get the best effect from all the workouts. She also helped me understand factors that contributed to my knee issues and give easy corrective reminders which I can use in my daily life.


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Testimonials: Testimonials

Rachel’s initiative to get us all to exercise virtually is Godsend, as we are now WFH and exercising indoors becomes ever more important. Her training helps us to build our core muscles, loosen our stiff joints, sweat out our pent-up stresses - all within an hour!

Alice TAN, Senior Director, Research & Consulting, Edmund Tie

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