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Ever Wondered How Much A 128GB MicroSD Card Would Be

Home Guides How Much HD Video Can A 128GB Card Hold?ByTony Kelly October 15, 2022Have you ever wondered how much HD video content can fit on a 128GB memory card? Many factors go into answering this question, so I will try to cover them all.

Ever wondered how much a 128GB microSD card would be

The file format and codec affect the data rate of the video, therefore affecting how long it will take for a 128GB card to be full.How Many Hours of HD Video Is 128GB?You may store up to 24 hours of HD video on a 128GB memory card. However, each video and codec duration will affect how much footage can be stored on a card.

Capacity or space is one of the major factors in deciding how much would a microSD card cost. When it comes to capacity, microSD cards range from 16GB to 1TB. The smaller capacity versions like 16 or 32GB cost much lower than the more capacious ones like 512GB and 1TB.

Unfortunately, not all android phones are compatible with all memory cards. Most MicroSD cards are compatible. However, verify your phone with the memory card you would like to choose. Consider the size of the storage and the speed for transferring.

If you prefer shooting in JPEG file format than RAW then the extra overhead from compressing the files really hits the write times and there is no benefit to buying the more expensive UHS-II cards for slot 1. Instead I would recommend the SanDisk Extreme Pro UHS-I (170/90) cards. However, if you still want to benefit from the faster read times to your computer (you can read UHS-II cards over twice as fast as UHS-I cards when using a UHS-II card reader), then go with the Sony SF-M UHS-II cards.

After reading my story on its $300 SD Express card, Ritz Gear reached out and insisted that I try it for myself. The company even included an SD Express card reader in an attempt, I assume, to show its value. After testing, I am at a loss: this is so much worse than I ever thought it could be.

True "SD" cards use an MS-DOS "FAT12" or "FAT16" filesystem. FAT12 was designed for use with floppy diskettes. FAT16 (the replacement for FAT12) was updated to address the "large" disks that people started using in their PCs... like 20MB hard drives (that wasn't a typo... a typical PC had a 10MB or 20MB hard drive... if you had a 30MB hard drive then that was really big). The FAT16 filesystem's maximum addressable capacity was 2GB... a size so incredibly lare that nobody ever thought hard drives would be that big (well that's we all thought back in the 1980's). Now just one image from 5D Mk IV would take more space then the entire capacity of the hard drive (a typeical RAW file from that camera is around 45MB... varying slightly from shot to shot.)

Have you taken into account that Sandisk cards are the most counterfeited of all cards? Both Amazon and ebay are regularly guilty of selling fake SD cards. I would not encourage anybody to buy from them, especially if they are being sold at a special discount. My experience is that I have never had a card disassemble on me, Sandisk or otherwise, although I have not used as many as you seem to have.

So back to my original comment, and your reply, I hope you are right and the OS is set up to either ask you every time where you want to download something to, or you can at least set up a defualt when you install a SD card. Something like "SD card detected, would you like to make this your default download location for eShop purchases or continue to use the internal memory?". I'll be happy if they offer either of those options. If it's automatic to the SD card, then the internal storage is going unused by most people.

Got a SanDisk 128gb Extreme microsdxc card for 56.99 on Walmart dot com and that'll hold me over for a long time. I'll be buying mostly retail for the big games so I won't need to worry until a year or two in which prices will be even lower.

Since the cartridges are supposed to be pretty sizable and considering that I don't download retail games digitally very often I don't see myself needing more than 128gb. Not as expensive as I thought it would be and really it doesn't matter which system you purchase as you pretty much have to get an external hard drive regardless. I have feeling that these games aren't going to be as large as people expect and the average consumer won't need something as excessive as a 1 TB sd card.

When I get the switch I think I would stick to getting a 64Gb card and sticking to just getting physical games and then just install the indies on the micro SD card but they are always getting cheaper so buy the time I get a switch maybe they will be much better value for money.

That's not really a fair comparison. Manufacturers pay much less than retail price to consumers for parts. The price to go from 32 GB to 64 GB would have been just a few $ for Nintendo. @ThanosReXXX has gone on record that there are big discounts. I believe he said 30% of consumer pricing isn't uncommon for bulk orders. So a $40 128 GB card, would probably have cost Nintendo $10-15. You'd also get to take out the cost of the 32 GB flash which would probably leave an offset of $10 or less. I think psychologically 64 GB would have been a big deal. After OS, etc. 32 GB will probably be 25 GB available to use. So one Zelda means no other big games on the card. It'd be nice to get 3-4 big games on there before you are forced to think about storage. And 64 GB would have been bigger than Wii U too and they are trying to be better than that.

In case you read me wrong somewhere, I've never advocated for multiple SD cards, but for buying physical and carrying multiple game carts instead of filling up SD cards. Multiple SD cards sounds like a nightmare I wouldn't or couldn't recommend. Hopefully Nintedno will make it easy to use a PC so people w/ 64GB cards now can move everything over to larger cards later.

@GamerXiphos I hope but I'm pretty sure they would have mentioned it. It doesn't just mean that it's faster there's actually more pins that are needed. I own a Fujifilm x-pro 2 with 2 card slots and only 1 slot excepts the much faster uhs-2. This would be a huge selling point for Nintendo wouldn't it? Going from 95mb to almost 300!

@mikefoster I would not recommend buying a cheap 256GB card from an unknown source. They are mostly fakes which only have say 16GB of memory but fool a PC into thinking they have 256GB. Actually they just overwrite existing data if you try to copy more than the 16GB (or whatever it actually is) onto them.

I wouldn't buy from any of these links - take a little time and poke around on craigslist/ebay or approx for people selling new cards in the packaging. Just got a brand new in package Samsung EVO Plus 256GB SDXC (class 10) for 80 bucks last week - also brick n mortar stores have crazy deals - guessing black friday would be great. All the links NL listed are pretty much at full cost.

400gb micro sd card? this is new to me! but seriously i don't really need that much space because i will be buying all physical and i have plenty of micro sd cards lying around which includes a 128gb one so i'm good really.

@SLIGEACH_EIRE They would pass the expense to us regardless. They always sell their consoles with profit in mind. Anything substantial in storage size would increase the cost of the portable. This would, in turn, increase the price of the console overall. Seeing as not everyone buys digital in the first place it wouldn't make much sense to raise prices across the board.

And the customer is a much happier one as well, for getting a more complete product, and not having to continuously invest in larger SD cards, almost every time they buy another third party game, which in turn might even persuade quite a lot of them to start buying more third party games, finally eradicating the whole "not enough third party games on a Nintendo platform" problem...

The potential loss of taking a tiny hit on releasing these higher capacity game cards to developers and the public (which will, for Nintendo only be a few dimes per card at purchase prices), will result in far greater profit margin than they could ever hope to reach from being a partner in custom-painted Micro SD cards that they aren't even selling themselves. Those "plenty of reasons that it would not" that you seem to think are true, are by FAR outnumbered by the reasons of why they actually SHOULD be taking that (actually quite calculated) risk.

Not sure why anyone would ever need more than a 64 GB card. Until the Switch eshop goes down like 10 years from now you can just delete one game to make room for another if you're running out of space.

@Angelic_Lapras_King Technically, you could use another companies memory cards in PSP and VITA (I own a Sandisc in each one). The fact is, is that people complain about another company, and when their favorite company does the same's alright. I'm not a fanboy of either company (actually love both), but it's just something that I notice on this site, is that nintendo never does any wrong. Not to start an argument, but I loved how everyone praised the Wii U, when the Switch came out, everyone started to disrespect the Wii U then. It's just amazing on how much complaining there is on this site, and I honestly hate reading the comments, but when I do, it's all the same thing. Anyways, no matter what, memory cards are expensive, and I really wish they took a different approach (I mean this in Sony and Nintendo's lands). It's just not going to take that long to fill them up and 512GB isn't that much if you get someone that downloads almost everything (I'm not in that category), but some indie games take up 2-5GB, and with constant updates to can be gone really quickly. Found this out with the Vita and PSP, and even with the hard drives that go into the systems themselves. Sometimes I think this is companies ways of getting consumers to buy another system.


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