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Golden State Warriors Live Stream

Playmaker Media, owned by NBC Sports Group and operated by NBC Sports Digital, delivers direct-to-consumer live streaming and video-on-demand solutions for NBC Sports. Since 2016, Playmaker has expanded its services both domestically and globally to major sports leagues, professional team franchises, regional and national sports broadcasting networks, and other premium rights holders of live-event content.

Golden State Warriors Live Stream

With its presentation of the 2016 Rio Olympics, NBC Olympics delivered the biggest and most watched digital event in U.S. history with 3.5 billion total minutes streamed of its exclusive coverage of the Games.

Within the calendar year, the NBC Sports Digital team presented the 2016 Rio Olympics, which became the largest streamed event in history, re-branded the NBC Sports app (previously NBC Sports Live Extra), launched Playmaker Media, a specialty streaming service, launched NBC SPORTS SCORES, a personalized scores app, launched NBC Sports Gold, a direct-to-consumer live streaming product, which streams, on average, more than 2,000 hours of content across seven different sports, and provided digitally-exclusive content and shows all while streaming more than 10,000 events. 041b061a72


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