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One Piece Episode 463

The commanders then full charge defeating the Marines on their way, just as the vice admirals defeat part of the Whitebeard Pirates. The battle is so violent that both Koby and Helmeppo are scared and think it's better to run away. Before they can do it, Little Oars Jr. shows himself up, prompting both Gecko Moria and Donquixote Doflamingo to battle. The episode ends as Oars Jr. slashes one of the Marine Ships, claiming he will not let Ace die.

One Piece Episode 463

The social psychologist Robert Cialdini is a pioneer in the science of persuasion. His 1984 book Influence is a classic, and he has just published an expanded and revised edition. In this episode of The Freakonomics Radio Book Club, he gives a master class in the seven psychological levers that bewitch our rational minds and lead us to buy, behave, or believe without a second thought.

CIALDINI: It has, because they typically had superior knowledge. I would ask myself two questions when we get a piece of evidence from an authority figure: Is this person truly an authority in the domain he or she is commenting on? And secondly, can I expect this authority to be even-handed in presenting this information, or is there self-interest that might be confounding the picture?

SMITH: Yeah. Corro says that normally, when a bank wants an international ATM, MasterCard brings in this giant box filled with servers and routers and wires. It's the size of a small fridge. That's the piece of equipment that connects the ATM to all the banks in the world.

This episode was produced by Jess Jiang. Today's update was produced by Elizabeth Cooles (ph). We always love to know what you think of the show. You can send us an email, or follow us on Facebook or Twitter. We're @planetmoney. I'm Robert Smith. Thanks for listening.

Episode 463 of one my favourite film podcasts has just hit the airwaves and is on the 2005 crime film, Kiss Kiss Bang Bang. You can access the episode in full from the Projection Booth website at this link.

New Delhi, Jan 22: Hitting back at the Opposition leaders, who shared clips of the UK national broadcaster BBC's controversial documentary series on Prime Minister Narendra Modi, on their social media handles, the BJP on Sunday said it was an atempt to politicise the 2002 Gujarat riots.They sought to remind the Opposition leaders that PM Modi has already received a clean chit from the Supreme Court in the case, adding that his innocence in the matter also got a thumping endorsement in the people's court. Speaking to ANI, BJP leader Amit Malviya said, "In the last several years, the Opposition parties, especially the Congress, have tried to politicise the unfortunate Gujarat riots. However, despite all their attempts to extract political mileage out of the rots, Prime Minister Modi stands vindicated in the Supreme Court and the court of the people."He added, "Why should it matter what an external agency (BBC) has to say about an issue which has been settled at the highest court on our land? It (the documentary series) is a flawed and biased commentary of our country and people by a past coloniser, which has forgotten its own chequered history. They, of all people, should not be preaching us about the rule of law and human rights."The British Broadcasting Corporation aired a two-part documentary series, which was critical of the PM Modi's tenure as Gujarat chief minister, especially with reference to the 2002 post-Godhra riots. The documentary series sparked outrage and drew scorn even within the United Kingdom. It was also removed from select social media platforms in India.Multiple YouTube videos, sharing the first episode of the BBC documentary 'India: The Modi Question', were blocked on the direction of the Union Ministry of Information and Broadcasting, sources said on Saturday.Hitting out at the BJP-led Centre for blocking YouTube videos and Twitter posts sharing links to the controversial documentary series, Trinamool Congress (TMC) MP Mahua Moita shared an archived link of the documentary, saying the "courtiers of the world's largest democracy are insecure".Taking to Twitter, she said, "Government on war footing to ensure no one in India can watch a mere BBC show. Shame that the emperor and courtiers of the world's largest democracy are so insecure.""Sorry, Haven't been elected to represent the world's largest democracy to accept censorship. Here's the link. Watch it while you can," she said in another tweet.Congress MP Jairam Ramesh, too, posted a video clip of former Prime Minister Atal Bihari Vajpayee talking about 'Rajdharma' (administrative responsibility) in the presence of then Gujarat CM Narendra Modi, in the aftermath of the 2002 riots.Meanwhile, in a strong response to the BBC documentary series, more than 300 eminent Indians, including retired judges, bureaucrats, and armed forces veterans signed a statement slamming the British national broadcaster for showing "unrelenting prejudice" towards India and its leader.Earlier on Thursday, India denounced the controversial BBC series, describing it as a 'propaganda piece' designed to push a discredited narrative."We think this is a propaganda piece designed to push a particular discredited narrative. The bias and lack of objectivity and frankly continuing colonial mindset are blatantly visible," External Affairs Ministry spokesperson Arindam Bagchi said earlier, during a weekly media briefing.The MEA spokesperson added that the documentary is a reflection of individuals that are peddling this narrative again. (ANI) 041b061a72


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