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NetApp OnCommand System Manager 3: A Simple and Intuitive Way to Manage Your Storage Systems

the netapp oncommand system manager 3.0.2 for windows offers a similar system-wide management console for all ontap-based storage systems. system manager is included with ontap from 9.0 or later. system manager includes an admin-level interface for all available storage resources, and it supports all storage features and commands available on ontap systems.

netapp oncommand system manager 3 download

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netapp announced that they have also released the ontap 8.4.1 patch tuesday. this is the second patch for this ontap version. as always, this patch contains a lot of bug fixes and enhancements. below you will find the full release notes. as usual, you can download the patch from the official ontap site.

i connected to the newly created cluster using putty and navigated to the root of the cluster. after entering the password for the root user, i was able to access the root user on the cluster. the file system and all of the data files were there. i navigated to the snapmanager for the cluster and found that the cluster was running version 9.4p2. the cluster was configured with 4 nodes and it was running all of the ontap software. the hostname for the cluster was nw-n1-0004. i logged in as root@nw-n1-0004 and it took me to the root user on the cluster. all of the on-disk encryption keys were there for each of the nodes.

4. ontap select the new ontap select option has a lot of potential for white box installations. in the past, this has been a very complicated task to get working. there have been a lot of issues with lack of support, bugs, and of course issues with the support teams. now, with ontap select, the ontap software will run on hardware that most customers already have. this does not mean that netapp is going to stop supporting full feature on their regular hardware, but rather they are going to focus on white box solutions. according to netapp, this new release will be supported for 3 years, with some features of ontap select rolled into ontap 9.6. im excited about this option and hope that it will mean that i dont have to think about buying hardware to use ontap. if you want to learn more about this new option, theres a great presentation that netapp did on ontap select. you can find that here: ontap select i know that this is a pretty broad overview, but if you want to learn more about the new ontap select option, this is a great place to start. below is a screenshot of the aws server (autonomous node) running on ontap select.


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