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Special Forces Group 2 APK Review: A Fun and Challenging FPS Game with Zombies, Bombs, and Knives

Special Forces Group 2 is an online action game on Android where you accept your part in the fierce battles of the special forces and terrorists. Choose which side of good or evil you will fight a war and to confront the enemy. In this game you will find a huge variety of missions and tasks, which will be held in different corners of our planet. Move through cities, deserts, and thrown objects, continuously firing at targets, destroying enemies. Carefully inspect the area and find good positions and cover, from which you will destroy enemies with aimed fire. Communicate with your teammates and develop your plan of action. The game will delight you with a large Arsenal of weapons, more than 18 maps, 5 game modes and easy controls.

Tom Clancy's Ghost Recon Wildlands is a tactical cover based shooter game set in an open world environment and played from a third-person perspective with an optional first-person view for gun aiming. Players control members of the Delta Company, First Battalion, 5th Special Forces Group, also known as "Ghosts", a fictional elite special operations unit of the United States Army under the Joint Special Operations Command.[3] It does not feature the futuristic setting used in Advanced Warfighter and Future Soldier, but instead adopts a modern-day setting, similar to the original Tom Clancy's Ghost Recon. As a result, the equipment featured in the game is based on weapons and gear commonly used by military forces around the world.[4] It features some original equipment, such as drones that can be used to tag enemies and show objectives. These drones have limited abilities until upgraded.[5] The game is the first entry to feature an open world environment, which consists of nine different types of terrain, such as: mountains, forests, desert, salt flats, and also introduces a dynamic weather system as well as a day-night cycle.[6] Completing missions during day-time allows players to spot enemies easily, while completing missions at night grants players a tactical advantage, as the night offers players better concealment and easier infiltration due to some guardsmen being asleep.[4] Players are tasked with making observations before carrying out missions. A variety of vehicles, such as dirt bikes, helicopters and dune buggies are featured in the game.[4] Unlike its predecessors, Wildlands features several side-missions.[6]

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The game takes place in Bolivia in July 2019. The country has become increasingly unstable as a Mexican drug cartel known as the Santa Blanca Cartel gains control of several regions through the country. Led by the brutal and religious cartel boss El Sueño[c], the cartel gains more power and influence within and outside the country and turns Bolivia into the world's largest producer of cocaine. In an attempt to fight off Santa Blanca's armed occupation in their country, the government of Bolivia establishes La Unidad, an elite special forces group tasked with fighting the Cartel. Both factions eventually establish a truce to prevent more bloodshed after months of brutal fighting, with some of Unidad's personnel secretly working for Santa Blanca. DEA Agent Ricardo "Ricky" Sandoval[d] is sent undercover in Santa Blanca in a joint operation with the CIA to gather intelligence on the Cartel, eventually working for El Sueño himself. The United States is compelled to act when a bomb targets the American embassy in La Paz and Sandoval is executed by the cartel after his cover is blown.

The second episode follows the Ghost Recon fireteam on their return to Bolivia. The cocaine trade has collapsed in the aftermath of Operation Kingslayer and with Pac Katari's death, the Kataris 26 have descended into in-fighting. In a bid to restore order, the Bolivian government has tried to rebuild the tactical police unit Unidad with special forces from across Latin America. Now known as "Los Extranjeros"[e], these remnants of Unidad prove to be corrupt and seize control of cocaine production. When Sonsira's data breach in the CIA compromises the identities of every active agent in Bolivia, the Ghosts return to extract the compromised agents. Their mission goes awry when their helicopter is shot down moments after they enter Bolivian airspace. They regroup and rescue a CIA field officer code-named Socrates. As Los Extranjeros are better-armed, trained and organised than Unidad, extracting the compromised agents proves impossible. Socrates instead proposes that the Ghosts target Los Extranjeros' commanders and rebuild the Kataris 26. Their actions prompt Los Extranjeros' commanding officer, Colonel Merlo[f], to personally take charge of the remaining forces. When Merlo is killed, Los Extranjeros tears itself apart, and evidence of their crimes causes a political scandal that upends the Bolivian government. The Ghosts and Socrates depart, questioning whether this will be enough to change the course of Bolivia's future.

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Due to the fact that many of the maps in Special Forces Group 3 (SFG 3) Apk are similar to those found in Counter Strike: Global Offensive, veteran players of the game consider it to be a worthy replacement for CS:GO Apk. You will need to make a decision between joining the terrorist organisation or the special forces at the beginning of the game. After that, you go out and purchase some guns, then continue.

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The available options range from the desert to the Virage to the factory to the jungle. You will be able to choose which side of the conflict you want to fight on, as there will be three distinct teams: the terrorists, the special forces, and the spectators. Each side will have a unique role to play in the conflict.

Great information here! Enjoyed reading this. My Dad spoke often of his cousin Bill Evans. He was a member of 5th special forces and a Mac V Sog team leader CCS. He was killed in action body not recovered in the fish hook area of Cambodia. These soldiers were true warriors.


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