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He was a policeman who earlier that day \u201Chad\u201D to kill three wanted men who were \u201Cinsane\u201D. They thought they were acting in a play in an old barn. HE killed them all and now wanted me to spread my pussy on a mirror for his pleasure and amusement. I couldn\u2019t even find any toilet paper? How was I going to look sexy doing that?! I knew he would leave me. I doubted I could love him based on my own desirability. I wasn\u2019t warming to be a woman or putting effort into being \u201Chot\u201D so it was best to preemptively not love him. I knew this would always be the way and there would be no love. I wanted my vision back. I had to pull over and leave my van on the side of the road as I could not drive it properly and the brakes were going out. I was not able to use my cell phone pad to dial or call anyone up for help. There was a blindingly loud carnival just off the exit. It was excruciating. I had tried to drive home on a different road just adjacent but it put me in a different state where everyone wanted to hurt me. I passed open pit of roofing tar after open pit of roofing tar. The smell was a choking muzzle.

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There was a treasure hidden in Dungimmon Lough between the townland of Greaghrahen and Carn long ago. It was hidden by the Danes. This lough is about mid-way between Belturbet and Ballyconnell. There was an attempt made, to get it by a man, whose name is not known by the people at present. He got two white horses, and he thought there were no black hairs on then. He went to the place, where it was hidden. When he thought he had it up, some-thing like an eel jumped up and cut the chain and let it back.. The treasure was a pot of gold. Local people say that lights and ghosts are to be seen around and on this lake

And then Jackie and I get in a dispute, so I have to leave. The money was running low by the time the dispute happened. So I went to a dock and tried to get on a shrimp boat 'cause I heard you don't need any sort of documentation whatsoever, it's under the table, you just jump on the boat and go long days, whatever. So I'm on the boat, and my brother's been at Jackie's for, I guess, three weeks, something like that, and I'm like, "Yo, don't you think it's time you go back home?" And he's like, "Yeah. I just need some money." I'm like, "Well, get a job." So three weeks turns into three years and Andrea has moved out and, you know, I get to Key West, and then my captain was on heroin, and I couldn't take it, and a friend offered me a place in New York, so I moved to New York. 041b061a72


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