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Launching “Pilates Gives” with Home Nursing Foundation

Updated: Sep 15, 2020

  • 100% donations go to Home Nursing Foundation to help sustain home care services for the most vulnerable among community

  • Complimentary Pilates virtual classes to drive community support over May Day long weekend

28 April 2020, Singapore – Pilates Gives is a campaign that aims to create awareness for a two-pronged message during the circuit breaker period. Mindfulness in exercise and giving come hand in hand in the following ways:

  • Giving can present itself in various ways apart from financial means. Our wellbeing is a way of giving to our families. Health is precious and staying active is one of the ways to stay in the pink of health. Working together with #LiveFitSG, a series of complimentary workouts are made available to the public to join. The group aims to be a community support, especially during these very trying times spanning across the circuit breaker, in the area of fitness that will bring out the deeper levels of joy within an individual.

“Loneliness can kill, and so can inactivity. Pilates Gives is not just about exercise or donation alone, it is about a community of support to overcome circuit breaker together in the form of virtual interactions,” explains Pilates Gives Ambassador Ms Rachel Loke, STOTT certified Pilates Instructor. “As the nation unites together to fight Covid-19, Pilates Gives is here for the community to fight away their anxieties in the face of uncertainties. We want to create an opportunity for people to come together and laugh and feel relaxed! Young or old, we have put together a variety of classes of different levels to cater to the public.”
  • The elderly population is now encouraged to stay at home. Many would still require professional medical care. Nurses from Home Nursing Foundation (HNF) are deployed to help this elderly group. It costs S$100 for one home-nursing service visit session, without subsidy or grants, to ease the inconvenience of bringing a patient to the hospital for wound care, medication, and other nursing assistance. S$50 is the cost of two hours of home-personal care session, without subsidy or grants, to assist patients with hygiene care, basic housekeeping, and maintenance exercises. If an individual is in the position to be able to give, every dollar counts for this group. 

“During the COVID-19 pandemic, it is critical that good home care services for the poor, isolated and vulnerable patients are sustained, so that their medical conditions do not deteriorate and be admitted to hospitals,” says Dr Christina Tiong, CEO of HNF
“At HNF, we are committed to support them holistically in the safest way possible and ensure continuity of medical care regardless of their ability to pay. While we may have temporary ceased our general and dementia day care, our staff continue to reach out to these seniors via video and phone calls to connect and do exercises and activities in real-time, to maintain their physical, social and mental wellbeing at home, while providing home care visits for those who are physically immobile and living alone. We need you to support us in sustaining the care of our needy patients and their families, and help the most vulnerable in society during this difficult time,” adds Dr Tiong.

The sessions* run during the Pilates Gives campaign are kept small so that participants can turn on their videos and audio to experience a session just like they are in the studio setting.

“Having this virtual workout with Rachel is almost as if she's just beside me! Rachel's instructions were very precise and easy to follow. Prepare yourself to sweat and feel sore! If you prefer a harder variation to challenge yourself further, Rachel will definitely be glad to demo and instruct you on it anytime!” says Mrs Jessica TAY, #LiveFitSg Ambassador and Certified Physical Trainer.

Pilates Gives is brought to you by #LiveFitSG, a group of fitness enthusiasts of all ages inspiring people to live healthier, fitter and happier days together, in partnership with Home Nursing Foundation. Pilates Gives counts it a blessing to have a home and family wherein we can work in, play with and rest at. What about taking our inhalation and exhalation to a different level?

Schedule for complimentary classes over the May Day long weekend (Click on the links to sign up for the virtual classes)

Class description

Pilates Fundamental: Focus on Pilates breathing and contrology. Be it an athlete struggling for space to train or parents-turned-home-tutors, deep breathing makes the world of difference to our entire wellbeing. With Pilates breathing in mind, the class will help you relax and you will feel lengthening of your spine after the session.

Pilates Beginner: Focusing on the five basic principles of Pilates, the class will go in a comfortable pace where each exercise has its core essence explained. Suitable for someone new to Pilates, equally beneficial for someone who wants to get his/her form corrected when practising Pilates.

Pilates Intermediate: A heavy focus on hardcore abs workout. For new joiners to this faster momentum in the class, it will make you break a sweat and feel your abs working hard for you.

Pilates-HIIT: Dual training led by a Pilates instructor and physical trainer, the session will start off with a refreshing stretch with Pilates to get you prepped for a heart-pumping HIIT workout targeting on the full body chain. Suitable for anyone looking to get your heart rate up even when you are staying at home! No more sitting down, you will be doing loads of jumps and get your step count up at the same time!

To donate, please click here (100% of the donations go to Home Nursing Foundation).

For more information, please visit:

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