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New intimate setting for Pilates workout

Updated: Jun 17, 2022

A peek into home studios

Just a year ago, I wouldn’t have thought of owning a reformer equipment at home. Back then, Singapore was still in the heightened alert phase of the pandemic. It was also the time when 13-year-old Pilates studio The Pilates Place (TPP) decided to move its operations to a home setting.

TPP holds a special place in my heart. I first started teaching Pilates at TPP immediately after receiving my instructor certification from STOTT PILATES®. Thanks to Jackie, founder and owner of TPP, who had given me an opportunity to step into the fitness arena. With Jackie’s generosity, we also hosted the second run of PILATES GIVES fundraiser in support of Home Nursing Foundation on TPP grounds.

When Jackie decided to close the door on 42 North Canal Road, instinctively I wanted to bring home a piece of TPP with me as a memory keepsake. That was how the SPX Max reformer equipment with its full bundle came into my apartment, giving me a head start into a home studio. Now, not only do I have a reformer, I have TRX set up too, along with many other accessories and gadgets.

Having been around for over a decade, what would TPP be like for Jackie with the new setup at home? I had a chat with Jackie, and in her own words:

“TPP would be like me - ageing gracefully while keeping fit; have a few good friends over for coffee at home. I could picture myself crowning silver threads, yet keeping a healthy posture and still be able to bear a good testimony as a Pilates teacher.

“I am enjoying every moment of "working from home". I do feel this should have been the way for me all along. The benefits outweigh the presence of being in a retail setting. Now, I do not need to hunt for parking space. My time has been multiplied, translating to more time with my family, more personal time to read and sleep, and even to keep a cat! Singing has been my favourite thing to do, and I can sing without guilt at home.

“TPP started with a passion to help people feel and move better. Today, it has grown into a mission. This mission has long eased into my lifestyle. The pandemic and the high overheads only corrected the way TPP should go forth. The mission to help has never changed.

“I am grateful for all my regular faithful clients, especially the older ones who depend on their weekly Pilates sessions to keep their joints “lubricated”. As long as we are mobile, it is never too late to start moving to keep ourselves healthy.”

Echoing what Jackie has shared, I am definitely enjoying having a home studio with a handful of clients benefitting from the intimate setting only a home can bring. I was exceptionally thrilled that I could also help my mom (featured in the video) to recover from compression fracture in my home studio where she can be totally at home.

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