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Reflecting on PILATES GIVES fundraiser – thank you for the S$2,599 raised during circuit breaker

Updated: Sep 15, 2020

I am enjoying the circuit breaker; it gives you time to slow down and look up into the skies. I caught an eagle circling above once in a while! Undeniably, on some occasions, I am tugged back to the reality of a worsening economy.

Within this capsule of time and space, I am walking out of the circuit breaker feeling accomplished on something I’ve never done in my life as an individual – fundraising! I’d worked on multiple fundraisers as an employee. That’s a total contrast to an individual with no backing of a big brand name, but only passion for a cause. There, is much to learn and reflect!

PILATES GIVES has raised S$2,599 in the month-long Pilates workout sessions in support of Home Nursing Foundation. This is equivalent to 26 home-nursing service visit sessions (without subsidy/grants) to home-based patients.

We had a total of 99 participants spanned across 12 workout sessions. It started off with first-degree contacts. By the second week, we were mentioned under the charity section of Life, The Straits Times. Next, we were invited to run corporate sessions.

A couple of life lessons I took away from this short fundraising experience.

The most important truth, you definitely can’t do life alone; life is like sports, you need team mates to watch your back and give you a hand!

From building the web site to building the workout programmes to building up the momentum, the journey couldn’t have been possible without the support of like-minded folks around me.

An attitude of gratitude is a precious life lesson here. One of the observations from the fundraising effort, people who had given much were not the richest; in fact, some of these donors are the plain looking aunties and uncles around us.

How beautiful our hearts are cannot be seen by the titles we carry or the labels we wear, the beauty comes from the actions we offer.

Thank you everyone who has given in one way or another to PILATES GIVES – your time in supporting one another to stay active or giving financially in your donations!

PILATES GIVES welcomes your financial contributions to Home Nursing Foundation during the circuit breaker. Please click here to donate.

If you would like to continue with more Pilates classes on ZOOM, please click here for my weekly class schedule.

Keep staying active and stay safe!

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