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Scammed on Christmas eve

Back on track one step at a time

I had been searching online for the best recipe to cook the turkey I’ve been waiting for, but it didn’t arrive. Yes, my online grocery shopping with the key ingredient for Christmas still hasn’t shown up at my door.

While I was preparing the herb brining solution and cutting up all the vegetables for an early roast tomorrow morning, I kept my phone close to me in case the delivery man calls to report his location.

The door bell rang! I quickly opened the door and surprisingly, two little angelic girls stood in front of me. They were my neighbours coming around to share sweet treats for Christmas. How they brightened up my day! As I sat down on my kitchen stool, enjoying the cookie from the little angels, my neighbour replied to my turkey-missing-WhatsApp-message that perhaps it could all be a scam!

I was still in denial mode, giving the grocer the benefit of the doubt that perhaps it’s the festive season and deliveries were bound to be delayed. Curious, I went onto their Facebook page. Wow! There are hundreds of people like me. Scammed! The grocer is deleting Facebook messages and ignoring all calls.

I didn’t join in the "party". I stashed all my produce back into the refrigerator and walked into town in search of a last-minute turkey while tuning in to the church Christmas eve service. Found nothing. My last stop at Don Don Donki which is excellent for late-night shopping, I found some really good organic steak. Talk about improvising the family’s menu! Why not?

Sitting down penning my thoughts over a glass of white, I don’t think I’ve ever been scammed scammed during the festive period. How did it feel? I’d liken the situation to that of an eagle soaring higher when smaller birds such as the crow come pecking on it; it was good not to join in the rant on the grocer’s site. Moving away from the scene did help to bring focus back and regulate emotions.

Deep down, I think being fully rested from the chaos of life helps! No matter how much we can plan, sometimes life could just throw a spanner in the works. And when you are rested, your mind, soul and spirit would be at ease to deal with the curveballs a little better. I want to thank God that it’s Christmas and I get to experience it in a different way today, to know that I can rest in uncertainties, and take one step at a time.

Writing from my home studio, I want to wish all of you and your loved ones a wonderful holiday season and have a blessed Christmas! May you be blessed with good health, joy and love as we reflect through the final week of 2021! And may the Hope of Christmas comes alive in your hearts today.

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