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Prawn paste chickens got me writing about food!

Updated: Jun 11, 2020

This is my first-ever post on food. I am not a food blogger. But the wings had definitely taken me on a different trajectory!

The crisp and the flavour, accompanied with the fiery sambal chilli with the chilli seeds in it, these wings are to die for! I reckon rewarding myself with these prawn paste chicken wings would do justice to my 10,000 steps under the scorching lunch time sun.

Louise has exceptional wok skills. His wok dishes exude the “wok hei” that Cantonese cooking exalts! The deep aroma of the stir-fry igniting your senses and every mouthful satiates your palate for more!

It was great that Louise who runs the eatery Rainbow Rice House next to the studio I was teaching was there when I reached. Such a joy to see him again! This was the place I always came to in between teaching Reformer Pilates classes.

Such is the hospitality of folks in the F&B business. Louise offered all sorts of drinks he had in the fridge but I opted for the classic sky juice with the excuse of the calories from anything in the can!

So much to catch up but we did what we could while he made me a creamy iced milk tea and whipped up my favourite dish – the prawn paste chicken wings!

Louise has demonstrated one of the best standards for tze char dining that the least I can do is to do what I know best – write my story.

Today, I was gifted with two cups of what used to be my daily little local indulgence – the teh C siu dai (= milk tea with little sugar)! Simple but still, it carried with it a certain level of decadence from the untamed sugars.

One from Louise, and the other from my physiotherapist. Yea, finally I am back to my post-operation rehabilitation routine! Freshened from the therapy session, I endeavoured to complete my 10,000 steps before returning home. I picked the route that passed through the studio I was teaching before the circuit breaker started. And that totally satisfied my chicken protein craving for the day!

This is another dish that Louise recommended for my next 10,000 steps over: Garlic fried chicken with tangerine sauce!

Louise moved over to this shophouse @43 North Canal Road (opposite Hong Lim Park and facing Hotel PARKROYAL on Pickering) from Fook Hai Building in May last year. The business grew and the eatery saw full seating when 2020 began.

Give Louise’s wok hei a try in this pretty central location. If you like the dishes as much as I do, please drop me a comment.

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